Introducing our newest product: Volvinascreen

With a patent pending, the Volvinascreen assists with patient privacy, care visibility, socially distanced hospital beds and aids in the prevention of infection.


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Take a short tour through a hospital ward using Volvinascreens and Volvinacurtains.

You can see how these new products provide a safe environment for staff and patients whilst also offering good airflow, light and visibility.

Volvinascreen is unique as it offers both privacy and visibility for the patient and staff. The two panels offer visibility, partial privacy or full privacy and are secured with a plastic popper.

The PVC material will not tear or stain and is easily cleanable in situ. The Volvinascreen can be installed on any cubicle rail system using gliders or hooks through the metal eyelets at the top. 

Volvinascreen was developed and is made in the UK. With a patent pending, this new product will save you money on disposable curtains and facilities and laundry costs.

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